A Muscled Joe Rogan Shows Off Insane 47Yr Old Strength!


UFC Commentator and Comedian Joe Rogan is also a fitness freak and has an extensive background in martial arts. Rogan shows off some insane strength (considering he’s 47 yrs old) in a new kettlebell workout regimen video. In his post he says:

One of the things that @thejustinmilos and I have been doing lately is heavier weight and lower repetitions that are nowhere near failure. I also have been taking much longer breaks in between sets and I’ll often do random sets throughout the day. I started doing it after listening to Pavel Tsatsouline on the excellent @timferriss podcasts where he talked in great depth about his philosophy on strength training. It was 2 really excellent episodes that feature Pavel, one of which is him answering questions people had from his first episode. Awesome stuff, I can’t recommend it enough.

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