Amir Khan Wants Conor McGregor – “I’ve Already Done MMA Training”

Mystic 2 Promo One of Boxing’s biggest names, Amir Khan is set to face Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on Saturday. But in an interview with DailyStar, Khan admits that he’s ready to make the move to MMA and want’s UFC Champion Conor McGregor.


“I already have a stake in a company called Super Fight League, which is an MMA company in India and we have a lot of shows in Dubai too.

“We’re now moving over into America and putting on shows there. Bellator and UFC are the two main MMA companies, we’re probably third after those.

“You never know what will happen in the future – I’d never say no to getting into MMA.

Takeover 2 Promo“My speed would be perfect, it’s hit and move. And I can kick hard.

“I’ve already done MMA training. It’s good for preparing to fight a guy like Canelo who likes to put the pressure on.”

“I’ve always been a UFC fan and I like McGregor.

“But if I was to fight the champion around 147lbs I would fancy my chances. McGregor or whoever.

“I was at the last SFL show in Dubai, watching the guys in my weight closely. Even though I have no experience of MMA, I could have stepped in and done the business.”Conor Knows Promo 1