Bellator Champion Will Brooks Gets Jumped At The Hotel by the Patricky & Patricio Pitbull Brothers!

There has been a heated trash talking battle going on the last few months between Bellator Champions Will Brooks and Patricio Freire. After a series of tweets from Pitbull, Will Brooks promised to “Slap” him the next time he see’s him. Well it looks like he fulfilled that promise today and punched Patricio at the fighters hotel and was then jumped by Patricio and his brother Patricky. Brooks talked with MMAjunkie Shortly after

“These guys jumped me like cowards,” “These guys are going to get what they deserve. They’re cowards.”

“I was looking out this glass window, and out of nowhere, Patricky jumps on my shoulder, and he’s like in my face, mumbling something,” Brooks told MMAjunkie. “So first reaction, I’m trying to create separation. He pushed me, and then his brother jumped on my shoulder and started punching me all while I’m trying to defend myself, and all of their people are holding me back while these guys are punching me. And I’m defenseless by myself with them and all their translators. It’s all on video.”

“They had a real opportunity to beat my ass, and they still couldn’t do anything,”

“But I’m just pissed off. I’ve never jumped anybody or needed anyone to fight my battles. Only cowards pick up weapons or use other people to fight their battles against one person.”

Check out the series of tweets.


Will Brooks Jumped