Bob Marley’s Son Julian Marley Wants To Get High With The Diaz Brothers

Vegetarian PromoAbout a week ago, UFC Star Nate Diaz received his very own personalized bong from illadelphglass. Bob Marley‘s son and reggae music superstar Julian Marley took notice and told TMZ that he’s “Down to get high with them”.


But Marley has one condition, Julian says he’s not one for bongs, he prefers to keep it old school with  fat Jamaican stogies and wants to teach the Diaz Brothers to do the same. Julian’s favorite strain is “Lamb’s Bread“.


Nick Diaz is already serving the remainder of his 2 year suspension for having weed in his system when he fought Anderson Silva. Nate Diaz has about 3 months before his next fight so he is free to smoke up.

Julian says, “if nothing else, I’d like to have them come and chill at one of my concerts.

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