Bone Chilling Footage Released Showing The Moments Before A Gym Murder


Chilling footage has emerged depicting crazed ex-lover, Joshua Stimpson working out beside his alleged victim, Molly McLaren mere minutes before she was found brutally stabbed in the car park outside the gym.



In the video below, it is seen that 23-year-old Molly is doing some lone core work as a man that fits Joshua’s description enters the room with a mat, to work out beside her. According to an account, Molly approached Joshua and asked him if he was following her. The two converse briefly before he leaves the gym carrying a bag that it is thought to have contained two knives, and a pickaxe.


Days earlier, Joshua had been caught on CCTV footage purchasing the knife that was allegedly used to kill Molly. The weapon was found bloodied next to the victim who had been knifed repeatedly in the neck and head. Joshua, who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but not murder, was found in the same bloodied singlet at the scene.


Footage from security cameras surrounding the gym precinct have been shown in court at Stimpson’s trial and show the route Joshua’s it thought to have taken. The picture below shows that he stalked Molly’s route to her car before halting in a parallel row. Molly was found dead in the driver’s’ seat of her car. Chillingly she had just messaged her friends moments earlier saying that she felt like “I’m looking over my shoulder all the time”.


The two had originally met on Tinder, with Molly ending the relationship just 12 days before she was murdered. The prosecution fights to have Stimpson found guilty of murder, whilst the defence claims he was suffering from “diminished responsibility”. Stimpson had apparently divulged to work colleagues that he suffered from bipolar disorder in the past.


See the footage from the gym in the player below.