Bounty Hunters Surprise Attack Fugitive At Car Dealer & He Kills Them Both,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/gmfwshfdn69hvbtevn4e.png?w=1060&ssl=1

On June 2, 2017: Two bounty hunters from Corpus Christi, Texas, 54-year-old Fidel Garcia and 33-year-old Gabriel Bernal, were hunting a 49-year-old fugitive named Ramon Michael Hutchinson. Eamon is wanted in Minnesota for skipping out on his court date. He was charged with Disarming a Cop, assault on said cop and felony narcotics possession. The Bounty Hunters got word that Ramon’s girlfriend was trying to trade in her car at a car dealership. They camped out and waited for over 2 hours for her to show up in hopes that she would bring her boyfriend with her. When he came all hell broke loose and after 6 seconds and 20 shots fired. All 3 men lay dead. Check it out.