BREAKING | Dana White Reveals Tyron Woodley and Conor McGregors Next Opponents.


UFC President announced today in an exclusive interview with UFC.com that Conor McGregor will be headed back to the 145lb division to defend his title againts Jose Aldo after UFC 202 win or lose. Dana also revealed who Tyron Woodley will be facing next. Check it out.


Dana White

“I fully expect Conor to come back and defend his 145-pound title, I think that Nate feels his brother should have the fight at 170, but Nick is not going to come back and fight for the title right away. There are other guys deserving of a title shot. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson is going to fight for the 170-pound title and then we’ll see what happens with Nick and Nate.”


“If you look at how big Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather was and how big Diaz-McGregor 1 was – Diaz-McGregor delivered. That fight delivered on all the hype and all the excitement and energy, and this one will, too. Just stylistically and the way these guys fight, it’s impossible for Diaz-McGregor not to be a ridiculous fight. If you look at the first fight, Conor was absolutely just dominating and then gassed out. Diaz took every ounce of punishment and then as soon as he saw Conor started to slow down and was tired, he jumped right on him. It’s everything you love as a fight fan.”