Country Boy With DEADLY HANDS Goes Viral!

The punch we are talking about is in a fight between 2 country boys. And like all fights that take place between 2 strapping young lads, it is gritty, enthusiastic and all out. The bigger of the 2, wearing a cap, decides to take the first shots and lands a heap of clean and crisp blows on the other. All of them go unanswered and the other boy actually takes them all quietly. True, he does fall down, but he gets back up in true blue cowboy fashion and decides to see the fight till the end.


Now, back up for a little while and take a moment to thank the person who made the video. While it is not going to get the next award for the best-filmed action shot of all time, it sure is as good as it can get when it comes to amateur videography. In fact, while the fighter is not a Bruce Lee, we can assure you this is as close as it can get to classic fighting in the brawl category.

The punch is actually so impactful, that it is being compared to the one which Dan Henderson landed on Michael Bisping in the UFC. The stage was equally big, and the UFC 100 was immortalized by it. The pair had been gearing up to fight each other for quite some time on a series of The Ultimate Fighter already. By the end of the fight (which was, of course, the legendary punch), Bisping was really beginning to get on the nerves of Dan Henderson. The ultimate result was one of the most impactful (and controversial) knockout in the history of the UFC.