Dana White & Ferttita Talk Nate Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler


Beating Conor McGregor may have launched Nate Diaz into Super stardom, don’t get it wrong, he was already a UFC star before the fight but now he’s reaching new levels and the UFC brass is recognizing this. Dana white spoke with ESPN and said the following,

Suprise Promo“You know what would make a lot of sense? This isn’t the fight I’m making, I’m just saying, [Diaz] and Robbie Lawler would make a lot of sense. His brother beat [Lawler]. Robbie’s now the world champion and Nate became very, very popular tonight. We’ll see what happens with Nate, but listen, for me to try to predict what one of the Diaz brothers is going to do? Who knows?”

To add to that, Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times tweeted this:

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