Dana White Goes TONY SOPRANO On Tyron Woodley!



In the video above you see UFC Champion Tyron Woodley firing shots at UFC President Dana White for his treatment and promotion in the company. Dana White has since responded in an extensive interview with TMZ. Check it out.


“Tyron Woodley came out and said he was going to destroy Thompson and there would be no question he was the champ. Well guess what? There’s questions again.”

“Let me tell you what…when you have a performance like you did at 209 and you get booed for 5 straight rounds and then people are booing so loud you can’t even do your interview, you should probably just take your lumps and move on. Get your next fight as fast as you can and try to put that performance behind you.”

“There’s one guy around here who calls the shots and as soon as you learn that, the better off you’ll be.”