Feminist Runs Up On A Man And Gets Hit With Equal Rights And lefts.


There are more and more guy-ko’s-girl videos cropping up these days and they invariably cause a lot of debate in our comments section. While we encourage this, we ask you fellas to try and be civil to one another. Actually, fu*k it, go hard and leave scars!


The subject of whether or not it’s ever okay for a guy to hit a female is a highly debated topic, to say the least.

On one side, a lot of people think that no man should ever, under almost any circumstance, raise their hands to a woman. While on the other, many guys think that in this new day and age there are times when it is necessary.

To be honest, I’m not even sure where I stand on this issue and don’t fancy wading into it right now but I will say this; if a girl doesn’t hit a guy first and no one is in danger from her, the guy should probably just leave her the hell alone.

Then again, if the girl decides that it’s okay to punch the guy first, she better be prepared for the shot to be returned with interest.

Where things get a little tricky is when a chick squares up to a guy, challenges him but doesn’t actually throw the first punch, as is the case in this short clip.

Personally, I reckon the guy should have walked off, or, if he genuinely felt threatened, used his size and strength advantage to incapacitate the girl before making a hasty exit.

This guy goes for option number three, though, and actually slaps her right in the face. When the girl reacts by swing at him, he pops her with a jab. She doesn’t get the message and decides to go in for one more shot so he drops her with a right hook.

What do you guys reckon, was he justified in throwing his hands or should he have just left her alone? Personally, I think he looks like more of a bit*h for hitting her than just walking away but I’m keen to hear what you fellas think!