Gennady Golovkin – “Canelo Needs To Respect The Sport! They Will Use Every Trick In The Book”

GGG Promo 1WBA/IBO/IBF Boxing Champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin sat down with BoxingScene to talk about his future and the possibilities of a fight with Canelo Alvarez now that it’s the mandatory fight and he’s publicly asking for the match. But GGG still believes there will be a hold up and is eyeing other possible opponents just in case.


“I was sitting in the front row, Canelo invited me into the ring, and i agreed thinking that he wanted to say something to my face or maybe to announce something. But there was nothing. Most likely, his team did not expect that I would go up there. They tried to keep Canelo as far as possible from me.


The event was interesting, people liked it and this is important. Many people believed this fight was invariably easy. Khan went up from 147lbs and fought a middleweight. So you need to understand the difference. Khan showed courage in agreeing to the fight, but the outcome was logical. The miracle did not happen despite Khan’s speed and the good job of his corner. Canelo won as expected.


There should be no misunderstanding about the negotiations between us, it has been spelled out by WBC rules; all decisions are based on law. Rules must be respected. The same is true when it came to the weight division. You can fight at 155, 156 or 154.5 pounds. You can come up with your own weight, but when it comes to the middleweight championship belt, then respect boxing and fight in the appropriate weight limit. It is even more interesting that Canelo is a world champion in the middleweight but has not fought any real middleweights. Yes, everyone has their own goals and plans, but we have to show our respect to the sport and boxing. I want to make clear that if somehow and for some reason the fight does not happen, it would not be our fault.