Hero Comes In Like A Spartan, Destroys Bullies Who Jumped Kid From Behind


This is the tale of two assh*les and one hero. It’s lunchtime in a school cafeteria and some kid is just sitting there, eating his lunch when, all of a sudden, he’s jumped from behind by two absolute cowards. Not only do they outnumber the kid but they don’t even have the balls to fight him face-to-face. Instead, one throws a sucker-punch to the side of his face and then starts wailing on him with body shots before his di*khead friend joins in.



The pair go at it, beating their victim from behind despite the fact that he isn’t fighting back and clearly poses no threat to them. One girl can be heard screaming “What the fu*k?!” as the two cowards continue to attack their victim from behind. Then, all of a sudden and out of the blue, an absolute fu*king hero emerges and starts raining shots on one of the bullies. Despite the fact that he’s still got his schoolbag on, our hero goes to town on one of the bullies, popping him with shots.


Like classic cowards, the bully’s friend doesn’t even help him out while he’s copping a beating. Instead, he cowers away, just out of shot of the camera. “Don’t touch nobody, n*gga!” the hero tells the wannabe-tough guys. “See what he did?” coward # 1 asks him, in a plea to calm the dude down. “So what?” Our hero replies before daring either of them, asking “Who’s gonna hit me?”


When it’s all done and dusted, the girl who screamed “what the fu*k” at the start of the video then lays into the pussies, telling them “Ya’ll suck! Ya’ll bullsh*t ass n*ggas!” before going over to ask the kid if he’s OK. Bullies are generally cowards when confronted with someone who is tougher than themselves and cowards that attack from behind rarely have each other’s backs when it comes down to it, as can be seen in this video.