Jon Jones On Gustaffason Fight – ” I was being a wild boy, I didn’t train, This is the fight I should have lost.'”

Slap 2 PromoFormer UFC Champion Jon Jones is essentially undefeated at 21-1 with his only loss being a dominating disqualification vs Matt Hamill. The most amazing thing about that streak is that he admitted in a new interview with Rolling Stone, that he barley trained during this time, only when necessary, and excessively drank alcohol and smoked marijuana before his fights.


Jon Jones:

“Pretty much my whole career I wasn’t living like a champ. Fighters that look up to me would go out with me on weekends and see me get blackout wasted, weeks before a fight,” he confesses. “Then they think, ‘Jon Jones can do it. Maybe I can.’


“It would be like Kobe Bryant taking a rookie out and getting blackout drunk the night before a game, then going out there and dropping 30 points the next day,” he continues. “That would lead somebody down the wrong path of thinking. That was the same thing I was doing.”

“Some camps I had a harder time quitting smoking and quitting drinking than others,” he says. “I would occasionally get pretty fucked up in the middle of a training camp, because sometimes it’s hard to quit cold turkey. There are a lot of camps where I didn’t get caught with dirty marijuana tests. There was never really a concern of like, ‘What if I get caught?’ You were just able to get away with it, so it became a huge part of me.”


On the toughest fight of his career vs Alexander Gustafsson:

“I told my manager in the hospital, ‘I should have lost this one. If you saw this camp, this is the fight I should have lost,'” Jones recalls. “I was being a wild boy. I did not train. I was at this point in my life where I just felt like I wasn’t meant to lose a fight. I just thought, ‘If I can do all this shit and keep winning, we’ll see how good I really am.'”

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