Kurdish Woman Laughs In The Face Of Death During Shootout With A Sniper


Most of us have zero idea what it is like in the heat of battle. We are, for the most part, lucky not have experienced the ravages of war and the toll that it places on the way of life of those caught up in it.  Sure, we can marvel at war films, we can praise veterans that return and we can thank soldiers for their service, but we can’t imagine how damn frightening active service would be.



The clip below was shot in the heat of battle and really has to be seen to be believed. The clip shows a Kurdish woman fighting Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria. The city was heavily besieged by allied forces as it was Islamic State’s de facto capital.


Whilst now a free city, the destruction caused by the bombing has made it uninhabitable in many parts. The woman in the clip stands in firing position in a makeshift sniping hide. She peers through the scope wearing bright blue head wear – not the best-camouflaged attire!


After firing a shot, we see and hear a round cannon into the wall behind her taking a huge chunk out of the concrete. The round has missed her head by a matter of inches and we know that it could easily have been chunks of skull and brain that rained down from the point of impact.

That’s enough for her! Realizing she is a sitting duck, she takes cover behind the safety of the wall. But whilst any of us would be shaken to the core by such a near miss, she unbelievably sports a grin as she looks at the camera.

It is not just a wry smile, or nervous laughter, the woman seems pretty conscious of exactly what just happened. What a badass! Check out the incredible footage on the player below. Not to be missed