Miesha Tate’s Statement On Joe Rogan’s “Thirsty Stares” during weigh-ins.

UFC commentator and Podcast kingpin comedian Joe Rogan has the best seats in the house for all UFC events, even the weigh-ins. Joe has recently come under fire from the female fan base as he has a hard time looking away when a female fighter is undressing to weigh in for a fight. One female fan wrote “It’s called Eye rape! I feel sorry for his wife, she must be embarrassed to see these videos.” It seems like it’s just way too hard for Joe to resist sometimes as the UFC is home to some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

After being confronted by several female fans on twitter, this is Joe’s response when asked what he’s thinking:

“I’m thinking “Do NOT get caught on camera staring at her butt… AGAIN,”


With all the controversy surrounding Rogan, former UFC champion Miesha Tate issued a statement of her own. Check it out.