MMA Trained Cop Promises No Arrest, Throws Hands With The Suspect Instead



Usually, members of the local constabulary carry themselves in accordance with their oath to act with integrity and uphold the rights of citizens under their protection. But on the other hand, police officers are human beings and despite years of training, can flip out at the drop of a hat. As we see in the below video, a police officer responding to a domestic violence callout quickly loses his cool after being relentlessly taunted by a 19-year-old man and delivers a strong message to the neighbourhood: that he is a psychopath.



As the video ops, we see officer Samuel Rosario approaching a house on a quiet street in Springfield, Illinois. It is a familiar house to authorities who have apparently responded to such calls before. The daughter who lives at the house is apparently off the rails and “one step away from juvi”.She has flipped out at her mum again resulting in her calling the police. Despite the serious nature of the callout, there is a young man waiting for the cops out the front of the house that seems more intent on voicing his frustration to the officer that the authorities have done nothing to put his sister away.



It should be pointed out that this officer has nothing to do with the previous callouts. However, throughout the interaction, the young man taunts the officer with racial and physical taunts and profanities calling him a bitch and questioning his ability to whoop his ass. Officer Rosario says: “First of all, you’re not a police officer, right? Did you go to law school, did you go to police officer school? Do you have a badge? Did you go through the academy?“So you went to court once or twice and so all of a sudden now you know the law?”

“If you wanna do something then do something then son, little kid. I just got here, trying to threaten me, son? I ought to slap you in some silvers [handcuffs] and take you down to the county. That’s what I oughta do.” Officer Rosario even goes as far as to say he will not arrest the kid if he whoops his ass. “we can throw some hands and I won’t even arrest you.” After the young man calls him a “rookie bitch” that’s it, he turns off his body cam and sets about beating the crap out of the kid. The beating is captured by his colleague’s body cam. As the colleague approaches, Rosario tells him not to arrest the young man, keeping his word.

The below statement was issued by Springfield Police Department:

On Monday the Springfield Police Department released body camera footage from an incident last month that led to the arrest of one of its officers. Springfield police say officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in the 2100 block of East Stuart Street on Feb. 27. Officer Samuel Rosario engaged in a verbal argument with a 19-year-old boy at the scene, according to the Springfield Police Department. “Go back to Mexico, n*****,” an unidentified male says to Rosario in the released footage.

“I ain’t from Mexico, you stupid motherf***er,” Rosario responds. A short time later, the man asks for the officer’s badge number and the two hurl profanities at each other for several minutes. “What do you want me to do for you to put some hands on me?” Rosario taunts. “You want these hands? You can have ’em … you a b****.” Rosario is seen walking toward the teen and appears to push him, saying, “Did I not just touch you?” “The screen then cuts to black as, according to Springfield police, the altercation between officer and teenager “escalated into a physical encounter.”

An unseen woman at the home shouts, “He started it first, police did … the rookie started first … that’s assault and battery.” Toward the end of the video, Rosario says, “Dude, I felt bad for you, that’s why I stopped hitting you.” Springfield police say a backup officer not involved in the incident reported it to his supervisor. Rosario was arrested and charged with two counts of battery and one count of official misconduct the following morning. According to Springfield police, Rosario is on unpaid administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation. Illinois State Police have concluded their criminal investigation into the matter. “This incident does not depict the actions of the hard-working men and women of the Springfield Police Department,” Springfield police said in a statement.