Nate Diaz Gives His Thoughts On A Rematch With Conor McGregor

It’s looking more and more like Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor will have a welterweight rematch in the UFC 200 Main Event. Nate Diaz Talked with Rolling Stone about how he feels that Conor doesn’t deserve an immediate rematch. It’s starting to look like what Conor said at the press conference is true “There are no more belts, just the McGregor Belt”. Check it out

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“I lost plenty of decisions and I’ve never got a rematch to this day, so that’s crazy. Conor got worked over and now they’re saying rematch, which makes sense, I understand that. I just think it’s funny because it’s like, Jose Aldo didn’t get a rematch.”

“These guys shoot on me after they start getting hit, they start shooting on me and getting tapped out,” Diaz says. “It’s a way out because they don’t want to get hit anymore. Conor, that was on the way to being a knockout. He was getting handed some solid shit. He got on me for the takedown because he was done.”