UFC Superstar Nick Diaz was not impressed with UFC Champion Tyron Woodley’s victory over Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson inn his last fight at UFC 209. . Nick has been on a hiatus and turning down fights because he feels he’s not yet ready for a comeback. Nick recently posted on social media how he feels about Woodley’s win over Wonderboy and he wasn’t impressed.


We got word from inside the Diaz camp that he is finally in contact with the new UFC owners about fighting Steven “Wonderboy” Thompson this fall. Word is that he doesn’t want to deal with Dana White and WME is taking over the negotiations for the bout. Nick’s working with the UFC on a new deal which would garner him PPV points for the rest of his career and an immediate title shot if he beats Wonderboy. Apparently the only hold up is Wonderboy as he is injured and working on giving them an exact date for his comeback. The other name on the table was surprisingly Michael Bisping, but Nick wanted a catch weight. We will keep you updated with more info soon.