Nick Diaz vs. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson “Nick Ain’t Scared!”


UFC Superstar Nick Diaz has been on the sidelines for a long time now. But that hasn’t kept his name out of the spotlight. Nick seems to be the most called out fighter in MMA History and that trend continues today as MMA Latest caught up with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson’s father who made an official call out on behalf of his son. Check it out.

Ray Thompson:
“We still think we won 3 of the 5 rounds,” Thompson said.” Stephen could or should have pressed the action a little more though. “The bottom line is, we’ve got to convince the judges we deserve to be champ and on the night we didn’t do that.”

“Coach Kavanagh is looking to jump past all the other fighters I the rankings,” Thompson said. “That’s all he’s trying to do. We’d try to do the same thing I suppose. Well actually we wouldn’t and didn’t.”

‘We are not ones for calling people out, but in terms of people who I would like Stephen to fight next,” Thompson said. “Preferably someone in the top five. Maybe Condit. He’s def a stud and will come to fight. Lawler is a beast and will fight no matter what. “I think the best fight would be between Wonderboy and Nick Diaz. Nick ain’t scared and will def bring hell in a hand basket. We’ve got a lot of respect for these men and would be honored to step in the Octagon with either of them.”