NO CHILL! Colby Covington Goes In On The “Classless Prick” Conor McGregor

UFC Star Colby Covington moves his target away from Brazil and points it towards Ireland as he goes in on the two division UFC champion Conor McGregor. Check it out.

Colby Covington:
“You know, he’s just, he’s a classless prick, man.” “You know, when you get to that money and that fame, you know, it’s like, dude, you’re not … You need to stop acting like you walk on water, dude. You’re not above people, bro. You can’t just do that (expletive) and jump over cages. What is this, a circus? Like, this is a professional sport, man. Act like a professional athlete. He needs to conduct himself in a professional manner man. He’s walking around like he’s the hottest thing since (expletive) sliced bread. But, you know, at the end of the day, the guy needs to (expletive) get a reality check.”