Olympic Gold Medalists Wrestler Throws Hands With 7 Cops And Nearly Wins.


We all know that the police can be pretty bad at handling awkward situations. They seem to have a hard time arresting drunk people. In the end, if the person resists they resort to violence. An incident occurred where Ukrainian cops had to deal with a drunk Olympic wrestler Vyacheslav Oliynyk.



Many of you may not have heard of Oliynyk. He is a former Ukrainian wrestler and he was actually really good at the sport. He is an Olympic champion, he won a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.



Apparently, Vyacheslav Oliynyk was turning 50 on that day and his celebration went a little too far. Oliynyk was drunk driving and the police pulled him over. When Oliynyk got out of the car he can be seen on a video from an observer that he is walking backward and clearing out his eyes. When he got a hold of himself he put on his guard and aimed a punch at one officer.


The police tried to calm him down but when he was seen as a threat they had to take him down. Unfortunately, they did not know what they are getting into. Oliynyk immediately started resisting and pushing off the officers.


When the officers understood that he can out-handle them, they reached for their weapons. One officer armed himself with a baton, the other with pepper spray. But, that was not enough to bring Oliynyk down. He was getting hit by the officer with a baton and pepper sprayed by the other. Somehow he managed to escape the officers and back off a few steps.


In the video from the observer, Oliynyk can be seen with a bloody face talking to the officers and making gestures with his hands. Surprisingly, Oliynyk handled himself well against 7 cops. He was still standing up with 7 officers on his back until one cop lifted his leg forcing him to fall down. However, Oliynyk was still not giving up, resisting the officers anyway he can.


2 cops were holding his legs, 2 his arms and 1 his head. At this point, it was hard not to cuff him. After the arrest, Oliynyk stated that he is partially guilty. He admitted that he was wrong in ignoring the police and is sorry for his disrespect. However, he also said that this does not make him a criminal. He knew that he was not in a big trouble when they let him go on the same day of his arrest.