Deontay Wilder Vs. Tyson Fury Pay-Per-View Pulls In $55+ Million In The USA

This past weekend’s Fury vs Wilder Showtime Pay-Per-View event was a success. According to Ring Magazine writer Mike Coppinger, early estimates have the numbers looking close to 400,000 buys in the USA alone. Numbers from the United Kingdom and Digital purchases haven’t been calculated yet.

Keep in mind, the US Pay-Per-View was priced at $75 and most people are buying on Amazon, showtime and other applications which have yet to be counted. Showtime was set to break even if the event reached 250,000 buys and it surpassed that by a mile.

The controversy surrounding the Fury vs Wilder fight cut both ways. The heavyweight clash to decide the world champion will be remembered by fans of both camps as the one that was robbed from the other.

In a split decision that ensured both fighters remained undefeated, the result can only be good for the sport as well as the popularity surrounding a rematch. Whilst many judges from media agencies scored the fight heavily in favor of Fury, 8 rounds to 4 in some cases, the split decision was eventually scored:

Wilder 115-111, Fury 114-110, evens 113-113. Both fighters believed they were deserving winners with Fury celebrating wildly before the decision was handed down. Deontay Wilder said after the fight:

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“I think with the two knockdowns I won the fight. We both are warriors but with those two falls I think I won the fight.. I rushed my punches, I didn’t sit still, I was too hesitant.”

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The two embraced many times and passionately after the event as months of trash talk and promotion were put to rest with the final bell. The two fighters’ respect for one another shone through with both understanding that without the other they were nothing on that stage. When probed by what Fury said in their post-fight embrace, Wilder said:

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“When you at each other and then you have a great fight like that you’re giving each other what you got, it’s not all about getting whooped. [Fury] said he loved me, thanked me for the opportunity, said I love you, what a great fight. The respect is mutual.”

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Wilder managed to knock Fury down twice, once in round 9 and once in the final round. Controversy surrounds the second knockdown with many believing the referee was slow to count and that Fury hadn’t proved his match fitness in time.

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