Paulie Malignaggi Official Challenge To Conor McGregor “Winner Takes All”

UFC Champion Conor McGregor brought in former Boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi for his training camp for Floyd Mayweather and beat the daylights out of him for 12 rounds. UFC President Dana White released some of the footage online and caused quite a stir. Conor was not supposed to be able to hang with a world champion boxer in the ring, instead, he made easy work of him. Paulie was pretty angry over the leaked footage and went on a twitter rampage. Today Paulie has officially made an offer to fight Conor next. Check it out.

“@PaulMalignaggi maaan you are stealing the show! Lol! Now people want to see you fighting Conor rather than Floyd”
“I don’t need the money, we could do winner takes the whole pot. Based on his footage he should be real confident with a deal like that lol.”