Ronda Rousey’s Head Coach Edmond Tarverdyan Finally Speaks, & Gives A Shocking Take On The Fight


Ronda Rousey is no doubt a superstar and one of the greatest UFC champions ever. Last night Holly Holm completely dominated her from start to finish. Ronda’s striking was a key factor. She never once adjusted her footwork or game plan. She spent the fight chasing after Holm instead of cutting the cage off and cornering her.


Ronda Rousey‘s head trainer Edmond Tarverdyan told her in between rounds “Your winning, keep doing the same thing.” Ronda did the same thing and ended up in the hospital. ESPN caught up with coach Edmond and he had this to say:


“The game plan was pressing,” Tarverdyan said. “We knew Holly Holm was going to keep the distance. So we had to feint and get inside and pressure the right way so we can get on the side of the cage. And we’ve talked about that and Holly Holm did a good job with moving today and stayed calm.

I wouldn’t say in the striking game she was getting the best of Ronda, you know, but I have to watch it again. But we know this was not a striking match; we know that Ronda is smart enough to take the fight where she is best at and today she did. Holly stopped an attempt on an armbar and stopped some of the takedowns. She did a good job.

“Holly today fought a good fight,” Tarverdyan said. “Today she took the shots pretty well and she, ah, her takedown defense was good.”

“[Ronda] apologized to me — and I told her that you are still the best and we’ll talk about what the plans are after she rests,” Tarverdyan said. “Certainly the girl needs rest. It’s not easy to deal with everything she has been dealing with. She needs time to rest, and after she rests we’ll figure out what is best for her career.”