Special Treatment? “UFC Hired Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs To Coach Conor McGregor”


Everyone knows by now that Conor McGregor is a legitimate threat standing, but Chad Mendes exposed a glaring hole in his wrestling game and it looks like the UFC and Conor are not willing to let that be exposed any further. According to Frankie Edgar in this new interview with EliteDaily, the UFC hired none other than Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs to coach McGregor in wrestling.

It causes quite a bit of concern for special treatment. When was the last time the UFC shelled out cash to bring in coaches for any other fighter? Very strange indeed.

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Frankie Edgar:

I’m not too worried about it. If I was to fight Conor, I wouldn’t sit there worrying about getting hit. I’m just gonna do what I do best.

I’m sure he’s working on it. He better be. The UFC hired [Olympic gold medalist] Jordan Burroughs to be his wrestling coach. He knows that’s his weakness. It’s not something you learn overnight, especially wrestling. It’s a feel-type of sport, takes time.