Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson GOES OFF On Nick Diaz!!!



News broke earlier this month that UFC Superstar Nick Diaz was offered a title shot with Tyron Woodley at UFC 209 but turned t down due to money issues. Well Tyron’s opponent Steven “Wonderboy” Thompson spoke with had no idea this happened and is not happy about it. Check it out.

Steven Thompson
“I wasn’t aware of that at all. (That the UFC offered Nick Diaz a fight with Tyron Woodley for UFC 209). I knew there was rumors floating around but yea I think that is crap! It’s just bogus. I mean here is a guy (Diaz), he has a name yes, but he hasn’t fought in how long? You know. I mean his last fight was Anderson Silva well over a year ago and so that is just bullcrap. I just think that kind of thing is just crap man.”

“Nick’s last win was against BJ Penn and that was so long ago. So I don’t know what the UFC is playing at. But it is definitely kind of disappointing. I mean to hear that now that he was actually offered a title shot against Tyron. Come on. The thing is there are a lot of guys way more deserving. Like even if I didn’t get the fight, there is a lot of guys way more deserving than Nick Diaz. Guys like a Demian Maia. Who should definitely have been the one getting the opportunity if it wasn’t me. So yea not Nick. That kind of thing is just annoying.”