The Entire MMA Media Including ESPN Scores Wonderboy As The Winner.


#1 ranked former UFC welterweight title contender Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson returned to the cage tonight to face the overweight prospect Darren Till in Till’s hometown of Liverpool England.


Till initially weighed in at 173 pounds and was given an extra hour and he came back at 173 and 1/2 pounds this time.

Wonderboy agreed to face him for 30% of his purse and Till had to make 188 pounds before stepping on the bus to the arena.

Till weighed in at 187 and the fight went on in a close fight that fans, media, and analyst all thought Wonderboy won the match. Immediately after the entire UFC tonight panel on Fox went off on how horrible the decision was.


One shocking detail was released, all 3 of the Judges were born and raised in England. Here are the media scores and the UFC tonight segment below: