The Late Paul Walker Showing Off Sick BJJ Skills


Mostly known for his role in the Fast & The Furious movie series, the late Paul Walker was also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu addict.

”It’s a good outlet. It keeps you flexible.  It’s, you know, it keeps you competitive.  Which is good – competitive with yourself too.  You know, the guy that’s been tapping you over and over and over again – to finally tap him once or twice – that sense of accomplishment, and knowing that next time he’s coming at you a lot harder and you got to be on your best.  I like it.  More than anything I think just physically it keeps you in good shape, and it compliments so many of the sports that I like to do.”

”I just thought, ‘Wow, this is a really cool sport, this is something I’d like to do.  So, I’ve been training – there’s a school in Santa Barbara called Paragon – Ricardo Ribeiro teaches there, ‘Franjinha,’ and he’s a really, really talented guy, one of the better schools here in the States.

I’ve been rolling with him … I spent a lot of time in Hawaii, Oahu, and I train at Relson’s place out there, with Relson Gracie and with one of his black belts, Ron Shiraki, and I just love this sport.” – Paul Walker

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