The Story Of A Father That Killed The Karate Instructor Who Raped His Son
Gary Plauche, is a Louisiana father who gunned down a karate instructor at an airport more than 20 years ago for kidnapping and molesting his son. Plauche, a salesman and loving father snapped after the thought about the magnitude of what happened to his son, Jody Plauche who was sexually assaulted by his karate instructor, Jeffrey Doucet. On Friday, March 16, 1984, while authorities were escorting Jeffrey Doucet through the airport in Baton Rouge, a man lifted his gun out of nowhere and shot Doucet at point blank range. The man turned out to be Gary Plauche. The judicial system exercised leniency with Gary Plauche by giving him a suspended sentence and probation. He didn’t spend one night in prison for what he had done.


Leon Gary Plauche (November 10, 1945 – October 20, 2014)[1] was an American man known for the 1984 vigilante killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son, Jody Plauche. The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and it was captured on camera by a news television crew.

Gary Plauche lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was separated from his wife June at the time of the shooting. In 1984, his 11-year-old son, Jody Plauche, was taking karate lessons. Jody’s karate instructor, 25-year-old Jeffrey Doucet, had been sexually abusing Jody for at least a year.

On March 1, 1984, Jody was returned to his family in Louisiana, but Gary, who was 38 at the time, was struggling with reports that Doucet had sexually assaulted his son. In an interview with a news television crew, Gary said that he did not know what to do and just felt helpless. On Friday, March 16, 1984.

Plauche was friends with several high-ranking police officers in the Baton Rouge Police Department; while many people believed that these contacts told Plauche where and when Doucet would be arriving, it was actually an employee of the TV news station WBRZ-TV who gave Plauche the information.