They’re Calling This Incredible Street Fighter The Next Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor is known for his psychological warfare, both inside and outside the Octagon. Although he’s usually always respectful to his opponents after a fight, before and during the battle he is willing to do whatever it takes to emerge victorious. In addition to his legendary sh*t talking – which has spawned a whole array of memes – McGregor can often be seen taunting his opponents during the fight and one of the tactics he has grown fond of is putting his hands behind his back and daring them to take a swing at him.

McGregor did it to Eddie Alvarez during their bout at UFC 205. During that fight, Alvarez barely laid a glove on him and later said that his entire gameplan went out the window as soon as he stepped into the Octagon with the Irishman. He also did it to Paulie Malignaggi when the American briefly acted as his sparring partner in the run-up to McGregor’s showdown with Floyd Mayweather. A leaked picture of the Irishman ‘clowning’ on Malignaggi infuriated the proud former champ and proved to be the beginning of the end for their professional relationship.

McGregor even tried it against arguably the best boxer of all time when he faced off against Mayweather on August 26. On that occasion, it was a little less effective (although that’s probably due to the fact that Mayweather appears to be completely impervious to taunts). Naturally, being the incredibly gifted superstar that he is, anything McGregor does, other people are going to try and emulate. That’s the case in this video, too. It’s unclear what started their altercation but by the time the cameras are rolling, these two young lads are squaring up to each other.

The dude in the black t-shirt tries to go full-McGregor by putting his hands behind his back and daring his adversary to hit him. A girl gets in between them and tries to break it up but the McGregor-wannabe rushes his topless opponent and begins to swing wildly. He takes Topless Guy down and pops him with a couple of hard shots. The dude manages to get back to his feet but is clearly still groggy as fu*k. What this try-hard McGregor does next is definitely not in the Irishman’s playbook, however: he clocks the still-concussed dude with a nasty cheap shot from behind! Seriously, man, you won the fight! No need to be an assh*le afterwards – even The Notorious knows that…