Triple Amputee Victim Brutalized By Police and Left Stranded Without His Limbs!

A despicable scene took place on the Paris Gare de Lyon railway station platform. During a police search, a triple amputee was forced to remove his prosthetics and left stranded on the platform. The victim François Bayga spoke with France 24 about the incident:

I was looking for the train to Gare du Nord. On the platform, three policemen were directed to me. They asked for my papers so I removed my backpack and I showed them. But I do not have my papers, I live in France but my request for documents is still pending in the prefecture.
I started to get irritated, I did not understand what they wanted. I was pinned against the wall and while I struggled one of the policemen pulled my leg. He wanted to know what I had on me, I told them many times “that are prostheses.”
then removed everything. I sat on the floor to show them that they had got what they wanted. The man filming made me signs that I am calm, not to aggravate the situation. The police found out my business and then they left. Fortunately there were witnesses to help me otherwise the police would have left me standing there, that’s the worst. A passerby helped me put my stuff on me. I felt completely humiliated.