UFC Fighter Myles Jury Provides a Saddneing Breakdown of UFC Fighter Pay “20k/20k Actually = $5,500”


Myles Jury is a long time top UFC Contender. Recently a top 10 Lightweight but now dropping down to the Featherweight division. Jury writes a blog on his website Theteamfury.com and in his latest blog he breaks down the expenses of a fight camp for a UFC fight. It’s a rough sport and you really have to love it if your participating because these numbers just don’t add up. Below I posted a small excerpt from his blog but Go Here to read the entire write up it’s worth the read: Full Blog Entry Here


Now lets tally up the expenses from the fighter’s 10k/10k purse.

A fighter wins and earns $20,000:

  • -$2,000  (gym / team)
  • $4,000   (management)
  • $6,000   (taxes)
  • $500      (medicals)
  • $1,000   (coaching)
  • $1,000   (Misc.)

Total Expenses: $14,500

$20,000 – $14,500 = $5,500 is the fighters profit.

A fighter loses and earns $10,000:

  • $1,000   (team)
  • $2,000  (management)
  • $3,000  (taxes)
  • $500      (medicals)
  • $1,000   (coaching)
  • $1,000   (misc)

Total Expenses: $8,500

$10,000 – $8,500 = $1,500 would be the fighter profit, putting him in a spot of needing to fight again ASAP.