Urijah Faber Releases A Statement On The Diaz Brothers.



After winning his final UFC Fight, MMA Legend Urijah Faber enjoyed his after party with UFC Legend Nick Diaz and posted this heart felt message to social media afterwards. Check it out.

Met "Da Diaz" brothers in 2004 at the finish line of my then GF's triathlon. We exchanged numbers and the next week Nick brought his 209 crew up to my summer job at The Hitchcock Azevedo wrestling camp to lock horns, be humble, learn and teach. I've seen these guys misunderstood, have highs and lows (much like myself), be villians be heroes and become legends! Little did i know we would be pioneers that help put Nor-cal on the mma and world map together, exchange greetings on holidays, have business Ventures together @torque1_net and grow up as individuals. The "Diaz middle finger" and Cali Kid "hi mom" all come from the same place. Thanks for the friendship along the way! I appreciate the alliance! @teamalphamalemma @diazbrothers_209 @nickdiaz209 @natediaz209 #916 #209 #530 #707 #whoswhonetwork building from the ground up!

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