VIDEO: 2x UFC Title Contender Ian McCall says “Our Sport Sucks Financially! I Have To Get Another Job!”

Former UFC title contender Ian McCall says that MMA “Is not what it use to be” and “it sucks financially” when talking about the current state of pay in MMA. McCall appeared on MMAJunkie radio earlier this week to discuss a number of topics ranging from when he will make his return, to his new Medical Marijuana facility, the reebok deal and fighter pay.

#MMA“Our sport’s in ruin, financially,” he said. “Our sport sucks. It’s not what it used to be. It’s not what it was five years ago. It’s not even what it is when I first got to the UFC. It’s horrible, as far as finances. So I’ve got to get another job, just like many other fighters. This one could take me away from MMA.”

“If I make enough money to where I don’t have to fight, then f-ck it, I’m not going to fight,” he said. “I want to fight. Fighting’s my passion. I’m still going to fight because I love it, but if I’m making half a million dollars a year – one million dollars a year, whatever – why would I fight? Why wouldn’t I just train and be a martial artist at my gym and train other fighters?


“It’s fun to fight on TV, and it’s fun to fight for the UFC, but they’re just so corporate. It’s just such big business now that it’s not fun, having to deal with all the other sh-t. We have to jump through all these hoops to do all this sh-t, and yet, we don’t make any money.

“If you paid me a couple of million dollars a year, I’ll f-cking do whatever you want. If I was making MLB money or NBA money, OK, sure, I’ll be your whipping boy. But you’re going to enforce all these laws on me and not pay me anything? That’s bullsh-t. I’m not blaming the UFC or (UFC President) Dana (White). It’s just how the sport evolved. It evolved like a big, big sport, yet we don’t make that kind of money.”