VIDEO: Blackzilians Response To Rumors “I Would Consider Selling Jaco”



Yesterday we posted a story about the rumor of the Blackzilians Closing down their operations. Since this, the Blackzilians have denied all rumors claiming they are false. But in doing this they did confirm that they would be selling the Jaco Clothing Company. We stand by our writers and will not reveal our sources. Watch the video and read the full statement below.



Statement Glenn Robinson:

Today a story involving the Blackzilians and I was published on a website named www.smackhisface.com.This site is owned by a man that we considered working with, but didn’t, because we couldn’t come to terms.

There is no truth to this website’s article, for the exception that I have said I would consider selling Jaco under the right conditions. I was recently very ill and it took months to recover. During this time, I reflected on my life and realized I have to work less and spend more time with my family.  And that maybe building a clothing company is not the best use of my time.

I love my wife and daughters and my other family of athletes. While I will never leave the MMA business, selling Jaco could free up my time, so I can cheer for my daughters at their soccer games, instead of working more late nights at the office.

In short, the article is completely false and is an example of poor journalism. The price for this will be paid, as we will be filing a defamation suit against the owner of the site.


Thank you!