Brendan Schaub Drops A BOMBSHELL! Exposes The UFC’s Behind The Scenes Practices!!!


On a recent Episode of Fox’s The Fighter and The Kid, Brenden Schaub pretty much laid it all out there. He broke down his entire MMA career and even brought up the time after getting Knocked out by Noguiera in Brazil, he cried into Burt Watson’s chest for 23 minutes. This is one of the most heartfelt podcast I’ve heard in awhile, Brendan Schaub broke into tears at least 4 times during this episode.

But the biggest shocker of them all is what he revealed about his fight with lavar Johnson. He said he knew Lavar was on steroids and was a KO artists, so he decided to play it safe because he has a better MMA skill set and he took him down. According to Schuab “The Powers that be” were very upset with this strategy, they wanted a fist fight. Listen to the full episode here: