VIDEO: Conor McGregor Is Telling People He Will Leave The UFC Start McGregor Promotions ala Mayweather

MMA Writer and one of the sports most respected insiders Jeremy Botter was the first to break the news that UFC Champion Conor McGregor would be moving up in weight to fight Raphael Dos Anjos for the the Lightweight Title. In an interview over 2 years Conor McGregor mentioned that he will one day follow the footsteps of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and promote his own fights. a recent interview on TSN’s The Weigh In, Jeremy Botter talked about Conor’s future plans. Botter says, “Conor McGregor does not plan on being in the UFC much longer, his end goal is to promote his own fights.” He has been telling people that “I will bring MMA to Crooke Park, I will run Crooke Park on my own.” Check out the full interview below, lots of insight here.