VIDEO: “Georges St. Pierre Was On Steriods, He Didn’t Make Weight, They Didn’t Test Us” – Nick Diaz


Nick Diaz was on a recent episode of the Chael SonnenYour WelcomePodcast and made some alarming allegations about former UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre.  In an interview with the Associated Press St. Pierre said:


“They came to us just before the weigh-ins and even I was surprised. They told us they were going to be rounding (down to the nearest pound). I was as surprised as Nick Diaz.”

GSP also admitted he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it was around 170.4 pounds. The Quebec board then rounded his weight down to 170 pounds, which was the limit for the fight.

Check out the segment from Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz below:


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