VIDEO: Joe Rogan “Miesha Tate has a great ass”, “She Makes A Small Fraction of What Ronda Does”


On the latest Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Joe sat down with Muay Thai Legend John Wayne Parr and talked about all things combat sports. The topic came up about Miesha Tate considering retirement and Joe Rogan showed some sympathy for the former UFC title contender.


“That’s one of the bad things about the UFC that people don’t like,” Rogan said. “There isn’t any clear structure. When Miesha Tate won she was virtually guaranteed a shot at the title. ‘Beat Jessica Eye, you’ve got a shot at the title.’ She beats Jessica Eye, ‘Eh, listen, you’re not ready for that.’ What?

“She made some interview recently where she said she should probably think about what she’s going to do when she retires. That she should probably at least consider that. Whoa. She’s thinking about retiring?”

“That’s an interesting thing when you look at the No. 1 person in the division, which is clearly Ronda, who made I think like $6 million last year[6.5 according to Forbes], something crazy like that, and that’s in fighting,” said Rogan. “Forget about all the ads she’s doing. A million different commercials. She’s probably made that much on top of that. She’s making f***ing truck loads of money.

“Then there’s Miesha Tate, who is the No. 2 girl in the division. Even though she’s lost to Ronda three[sic] times, she’s the No. 2 girl in the division. How much do you think she makes? It’s a small fraction.”


“It’s not like she’s not hot,” said Rogan. “She’s hot as f**k, right? She’s got a beautiful body. Great ass. Sorry I said that. Sorry, Miesha. All due respect, but she’s a great fighter, too. She’s very tough. Miesha probably makes a very small fraction of what Ronda makes and she’s elite. She’s an outstanding fighter. She’s tough as shit and people love her. It’s weird.”