VIDEO: Ronda’s Ex Brendan Schuab Speaks “She Looked Ridiculous”, “She Believed Her Own Hype”


Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey’s ex boyfriend Brendan Schaub spoke his mind about her loss to Holly Holm on his podcast “The Fighter & The Kid“. Brendan talks about the drama surrounding their breakup, her mom, coach Edmond Tarverdyan.


“Have I ever lied about any of this?” Schaub asked, “Ronda is surrounded by bad people, she’s not a bad person, she’s a great person that surrounds herself with broken people.”

On coach Edmond. “His coaching In between rounds, you got her exactly where we want her, your doing great, If I was Ronda I would say, what fight are you watching? I’m getting fucked up right now man”,

“Ronda has the heart, the talent, she doesn’t have the coaching”

Full Episode of the podcast check it out: