VIDEO: UFC Superstar Sage Northcutt Hanging Out With Georges St. Pierre and Hitting The “Super Sage Flip” At The TriStar Gym

“We all had dinner the first night,” Frias Zahabi said, Georges, Sage and others.

Georges couldn’t make it to practice that day because he had sponsorship engagements, but [Friday] we are all going to train together.”

Zahabi has been immediately won over by Northcutt, “I love the kid,” he said.

“He’s such a sweet kid. His dad is amazing. We’ve been exchanging training ideas, working together. It’s such a great fight. He reminds me of Georges, a lot.”

His father is a master trainer. He’s an elite trainer, and has been training his son since he was a baby. Sage is young, but he has a lot of experience. That’s an understatement. His dad has done a great job of grooming him, from fitness to martial arts.”