Woman Attempts To Knock Food Out Of Boyfriends Hands And Gets Dealt With.


While we at Craziest Sports Fights do not condone domestic violence in any way, shape, or form, in this case, the phrase ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ definitely fits… This footage comes from Bayou City Wings in Baytown, Texas, and after being posted online it’s gone viral. In the short but hilarious clip, 26-year-old Garett Wilder and his 24-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Farber, can be seen having an altercation.



Farber rushes at Wilder and has not one, not two, but three swipes at his carry-out food container, in an attempt to knock out of his hand. Wilder goes full Matrix and dodges the drunken swipes with aplomb before losing his patience and tossing the container in Farber’s face, causing her to fall to the ground. The most amazing thing about his actions is the fact that Wilder is holding a full beer in his other hand and somehow manages to not spill a drop of (until he walks past her and she whacks his leg, although that could just be foam).


After the video was posted online, local police identified the couple and charged them both with misdemeanours for public intoxication. Wilder was subsequently tracked down by local news station KTRK. He admitted that alcohol played a factor and expressed remorse about the altercation. “I’ve got nothing to say about it really,” he said. “I really don’t want to talk about. She was a little embarrassed by it, but now she’s kind of embraced it that everyone has seen it.” He said the two are back together and haven’t had any alcohol since the incident. Three Bayou City Wings employees were suspended after the video was posted online.