A Fired Up Nate Diaz Has A Message For Dana White!




UFC president Dana White has been doing his media your for the UFC 205 card and during this tour he’s been promoting Conor McGregor’s fight with Nate Diaz as a fairy tale story. Claiming that Nate came in over 190lbs on fight night. Well Nate spoke with MMAFighting about the situation. Check it out.

Nate Diaz:

“Fuck them both.(Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor) You know both those little bitches are afraid to fight me. That’s why they are fighting each other,  And tell Dana I said get off Conor’s nuts, I left my room to that fight at 176 (pounds), so when I fought I was probably 173. Quit telling people I was a monster to make him look good. I’ve been a lightweight my whole career.”

“Eddie said I was next after Gilbert, then I called him a bitch in the lobby and he turned the fight down repeatedly until I beat Conor. Then he called every day asking for the fight. Bitch. What kinda fighters are these guys?”