A Skills & Technique Breakdown of Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao.

By Wilmar Patino:

Manny Pacquiao 58-6-2 (38 KO’s) and Jesse Vargas 27-1 (10 KO’s) are scheduled to fight November 5th, 2016 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. As fight night approaches one can’t help but wonder how much Manny Pacquiao has left. Although it’s probably enough to continue fighting at a high level, father time has a sneaky way of making it’s presence felt on any given night. Jesse Vargas is looking to leap frog into the pound for pound rankings, and people’s tv sets in hopes to emerge as a boxing star at the end of the night. If Vargas can successfully defend his WBO title, and pull off the upset he can become a household name in boxing. This fight will be broadcasted and televised by Top Rank TV on PPV. HBO rejected this fight and ended their contract with Manny Pacquiao earlier this year. Fighting Jesse Vargas is an opportunity for Manny Pacquiao to pick up one of the 4 major titles (WBO) in the welterweight division, and get back into the conversation of being in a big fight right after.

With this being said, Manny Pacquiao still has enough left to give many of today’s top fighter’s a lot of problems. The main reason for this other than his experience and athleticism has always been his speed and power. In his prime he had some of the quickest hands, and feet in the sport. Which allowed him to maneuver around his opponents and score beautiful combinations and knockouts. He was an energetic, powerful phenom that rose through weight divisions as fast as he rose through the ranks. Manny Pacquiao learned the art of throwing the knockout punch with precision and speed. He would generate the power from his abnormally large calves, passing the energy through his legs, torso, and shoulders to finally dispersing power from his hands on to his opponent’s face. The result would give us some of the most exciting and jaw dropping moments in boxing.


Part of the appeal of Manny Pacquiao had to do with his style. Known for being ferocious yet dangerously vulnerable Pacquiao would give the fans a show every night he performed. This made for some exciting fights and nail biting moments that had us on the edge of our seats. In the video below we explore some of those moments and take a short trip down memory lane. I think Pacquiao’s style and legacy can be appreciated a lot better when you slow down his fights and pay attention to the subtle details of his skills and athleticism. Fortunately for you the reader, I have compiled such great moments and slowed them down for your viewing pleasure. Watch his footwork, defense, parrying, combinations, speed and power through the magic of slow motion. For footage and articles like this come back to smackhisface.com!