After Going Broke, Former NFL Star Vince Young Finds A New Career & Business Is A Boomin!

The legendary Texas Longhorn Quarterback Vince Young is alive and doing well in Texas. His new resturant “Vince Young Steakhouse” is on fire, business is a boomin. TMZ spoke with Phillip Brown the head chef and co-owner of “Vince Young Steakhouse” in Austin, Texas and he said that “business is booming at the joint” and Vince has a lot to do with it. “He will greet the guests, shake their hands and take pictures. He’s more charismatic and smooth and works the room better than any politician I’ve ever seen. The people just love him.”

The last few years have been tough the former pro-bowler, he filed for bankruptcy in early 2014 and, following a horrible stint in Cleveland, no NFL is willing to give him another chance. He’s still the man in Austin because of his college career. Phillip says, “We have been good friends for about 10 years. Business-wise, we like to run things by him, like design and other input. We complement each other. We are a good match.