After non stop tormenting, this Bullying victim finally snaps.


Boy gets bullied is a story old as time itself. Many boys and girls struggle in school because they are getting bullied by some douchebag. Once in a while, the victims will snap and completely devour the bully. We have found a video of a bully victim going nuts and destroying the bully.


The incident takes place in a school locker room. A boy wearing a black t-shirt intimidates another boy who is wearing a white t-shirt. The boy in a black T-shirt does not allow the other kid to pass and challenges him to a fight. On the video, the bully can be heard saying: “I dare you.”


The victim stays calm and tries to pass while he is ignoring the bully. In addition, the bully does not give up, he still pushes the other boy and keeps saying “I dare you”. The bully is very persistent in his actions, he slaps and pushes the other boy for 1 minute.


Finally, the victim gives in the pressure and talks back at the bully. He gets into the bully’s face and says “get off me”. The bully still confident that he is the alpha-male continues to push the other boy. At this point, things start to escalate. The victim pushed the bully and the bully responded with a punch.


They both struggle for a time until the victim pushes the bully on the ground and unleashes his fury on him. The boy wearing a white t-shirt started punching the bully and did not stop anytime soon. The bully just covered his head with his hands and prayed for the best while he was getting stomped.


It is clear that the victim lost control of himself. He continued punching the bully and started yelling at him: “You gonna give up now”. Although the victim looks like an insane person, I doubt that he will ever be bullied again.


It was quite clear that the victim was going to beat the bully. The bully is smaller and obviously weaker. It makes no sense to bully someone who can knock you out in one punch. The bully deserves the devastating beating he got. It is not morally right to intimidate a person into reaching his tipping point. But if you play with someone’s nerves you should know that karma is going to strike fast.


This fight should be an example to all bullies. If you spend your life intimidating other people, one of those people will have you on your back, punching you as hard as he can.


To watch the whole incident, follow the link below: