BREAKING NEWS: Former Employees Of BjPenn.com Accusing Bj Penn of Sexual Assault & Rampant Drug Abuse



It’s looking like shit has just hit the fan over in Hawaii. Pedro Alex Carrasco ran the BJPenn.com website for over 7 years and living next door to Penn for over 10 years. He has recently quit and moved off the island. He is now claiming that his reasons for quitting were that Penn came to his house when he was out and sexually assaulted his wife. He is also making claims that Penn has been a cocaine addict since he was a kid. The Website announced his departure in October here.


Popular MMA Videographer Cynthia Vance also came forward to support Carrasco’s claims as she was shooting a Documentary on Penn at the time it all went down. Check out the tweets below.


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MMA Photographer Cynthia Vance had this to say on the matter:

My initial tweet blew up everywhere only after I realized what I had tweeted is unclear and caused mass confusion. Can’t go back on the internets! I just want to clarify that I can’t speak on what exactly went down with the sexual assault. Whatever Pedro is tweeting in that regard, is on him and his girlfriend, the one who got assaulted to clarify and speak up about if they are pressing charges. Pedro tweeted that only his girlfriend and BJ were present at the time of the alleged sexual assault but I guess nobody is paying attention to that. Pedro and I were left in Waipio Valley in a dead-zone overnight when this allegedly took place and we only learned of everything once we were able to get out.

I apologize with what I had initially tweeted. I thought it was clear that only Pedro’s girlfriend and BJ were present at the time of the assault. I was only stating that I support and believe her.
But I was staying with them for nearly a week around the time this happened. And I know what happened to me and what went down around me. It was extremely chaotic and one of the worst work experiences I’ve ever had. A lot of terrible things happened that week and I put myself in a dangerous situation. The whole shoot fell apart. I asked for the first ticket out of there and the show was cancelled.
I 100% believe Pedro’s girlfriend, support them and wish them all the best in their pursuit for justice. That’s it. They have a tough road ahead of them considering they have to press charges on the Big Island. Sexual assault is no joke and it’s disheartening to see so many people make light of it.

Blah. Shit is fucked and I’m not out to make a name for myself or cause some TMZ stir. Fuck that. I’m just here to offer my support because these are good people who’ve had a terrible thing happen to them. Nobody deserves that. NOBODY. And it makes me sick to my stomach to have learned of all of it and more, considering I’m from Hawaii and BJ is regarded as a hero there. The real heroes of MMA in Hawai’i are the current generation: Holloway, Pa’aluhi, Medeiros, Curran, Ostovich.

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