Chael Sonnen Gets PUNKED By Gangster Rapper 50 Cent Backstage At Bellator

Notorious Gangster rapper 50 Cent is one of the highest selling music artists in the history of the world, 50 Cent just signed a deal with the Starz Network for hundreds of millions of dollars and is known as one of the greatest businessmen in the game. After failing at promoting Boxing, the rapper is now looking to have a fighting career of his own in Bellator MMA.

He has his eyes set on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson but contract negotiations are slowing down. But last night at Bellator 199, 50 Cent was in attendance where he ran into Jon Jones backstage and took a photo with him. Only problem, Chael Sonnen jumped in the photo last second so he could get some shine. Little did he know, he just created a beef with 50 Cent that might get him the money fight. Check it out.

50 Cent: Look at this fool trying to be cool, I like Jon Bones Jones 👀look at your punk ass trying to fit in. Get the fuck outta here. LOL

Chael Sonnen Responded immediately heating up the beef:

Chael Sonnen: Me and some tall dude trying to get Filthy Scent on the Cyclone roller-coaster & Coney Island. He was TREMBLIN’ MMA? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!