Chaos as a woman is viciously attacked on the “Big Brother” Reality Show.


Big brother which was created by John de Mol, is a must watch in every household. It was first aired in the Netherlands and has deep ties to the story by George Orwell’s book called Nineteen Eighty-Four, because of its brand of intrusive surveillance. The show consists of a couple of contestants called housemates living together in an isolated house, which has been designed especially for this purpose, for three months straight. This isn’t really a bad deal once you think about it, free food and drinks for a while for the price of not having any contact with the outside world during this period. Let’s not forget the very titillating cash reward the winner gets at the end of the show. The housemates are under constant surveillance and every move they make is being viewed by people all over the world, so it is no wonder some housemates give viewers the drama they want.


Housemates are required to spill their thought about each other during “diary sessions”, as well as nominate someone for eviction which comes up at the end of every week. Spending time with strangers in a house for three months, and choosing who goes home each Sunday is enough to create the kind of tension that causes alterations.


These altercations are usually nothing to worry about, because they only end in verbal insults which could last for some hours or days, depending on what the fight is about, but ultimately each participant in these altercations would make peace and act friendly towards each other till another altercation arises. Russia’s version of big brother is one to watch as things don’t end in verbal fights, but go on to full blown physical combat. If you’re thinking their fights are limited to boy on boy or girl on girl, you’d be very wrong. Gender isn’t a determining factor in getting beat down in this house, as long as two people are involved in a fight, get prepared to watch things go nasty. Big Brother Russia was definitely entertaining, as the housemates were not interested in how the viewers saw them which meant they did what they wanted when they wanted, not thinking about the votes they could get from the audience at the end of each week.


The price for the show was $160,000 and was won by Anastasiya Yagaylova. The show which started on March 2005 and ended on August, was so intense that three out of the ten housemates had to quit the show due to some reasons best known to them. No one was evicted forcibly despite the rowdiness and uncouth behavior of most of these housemates. Bolshoy Brat was the title given to the Russian version of big brother; it was shown in countries all over the world but for only one season.


It is quite unfortunate that we will never see another season of big brother Russia because the contestants behaved in unscrupulous manners, distasteful to the general public.